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Heey :) Heey Thomas,

I will try to send you my story of meeting you :) I don't know how exually start..but ok...see what will comes from me 


One day, a gentelman, Thomas Koran,. who attending my treatments wrote : 

' Tanja, you are a special being here on earth, you have the gift of touching people's hearts... sure you touch the body, but your energy flows deeper...''

Since then I have received many compliments that I have angelic hands, that my energy touches the heart of every individual, and these words touch me deeply every time. And the gentleman continued: "Tanja, during the massage I got a message about what your slogan should be." I see it, you have to use it. "Because the gentleman is from abroad, he lives in Austria and because the message carries a really wonderful energy, that's why I'm writing with exactly the same words as he said:

'' Tanja's Massage Center - Enjoy your massage '' in the arms of an angel ''
Especially for you - enjoy the moments during Tanjas Massage or energetic treatments, because ''in the arms of an Tanja-Angel you get more awareness of your life, feel better, psysically and mentally.
Tanja, never forget this: YOU are an angel... ''


It moved me to tears and a new story of my business was born. My slogan was created and I am honored to bear the name of this : Enjoy your treatment in "the arms of an angel" which was presented to me by him - Thomas Koran.


If the slogan is true, it's up to you to try it for yourself.
That is story for my new slogan, which was presented to me ,like i said  by Thomas. But story of my transformation start earlier. I didn't even know or expect that miracle will come to me. But this gentelman is very special, he showed me a new path in life and start changing my life.

In the begining he was just a regular costumer, like others. Come to my massage and go. We speak few words and then he go. I was always thinking that i don't speak english very good and because of that i was not so much talking before and after massage. But one day was in my float spa ( which i offer too ) one special girl. She is deaf and she was late and my sistem of appointment was mixed and i feel some chaos inside of me. And this day Thomas come to my massage too and i remember in which situation of stress i was, because i was late and because i need to tell her during the massage some things.... and i don't like to do that, because i really want to be with my costumers 100%.

I try to breathe and stay calm and i say sorry a lot of times to Thomas, but he was in peace like always. And then when i come home i read this message from him:

Thank you Tanja, it was the best Massage ever today
And always Remeber:
live from the Inside Outside
and Not from the Outside Inside
So it doesn‘t matter what the chaos Outside is, it can‘t reach you
So try Never to get emotionally involved with things, Situations or Humans with negative energies -
Let only good Vibrations and positive Energy in your heart,
Lovely greetings


I don't know how to explain how much this means for me. It was like magic....he tell me that he get the best massage is that possible? ( i cannot believe that words come from him ). And here was start first step of my transformation with him. I was so thankfull that he give me that words and i start to think about his words.


But like always life go on and we meet in our treatments again and again. But one day when i massage him i ask myself and universe..: How can i get this kind of peace like he had and how can i get more money? How can i be so positive and happy in my life? ''. I didn't ask him, but i ask this myself !! And again miracle happend.


In the end of massage he tell me: '' Tanja, during the massage I got a message about what your slogan should be. I see it, you have to use it. '' . I swear i was in shock. Waw...that comes really fast i think.  I was so shocked and because i feel my emotions comes and i didn't want to cry before him, i tell him if he can write me an e-mail and tell me what message he recieve.


And then our story begin... I create my slogan and tell people story how my slogan starts and  i open my life to him. I tell him that i have problems with my bleeding , relationship, money , fears and sadness... And we start to talk...he start helping me, he start changing my suffer life to recognize miracles which was start happening...:) 


Here i stop...i will see what will happened next :) 


I hope that is ok? :) 


Lovely greetings,




Koticek Tanya, Tanja Visenjak s.p.4280 Kranjska Gora,

Koroska ulica 7 

website: DOMOV | Kotiček za masaže in sprostitev Tanya (

mobile:  +386 (0) 68 636 499


Tanja´s Story,
„The path from just surviving to financial freedom“ 
„In the arms of an Angel“ – this slogan changed her life.

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