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QX-World technology

Das ultimative high end energy balancing system

Your benefits:

  • more energie and power

  • less stress  and more selfhealing 

  • chronic or acute  problems

  • prevention

  • mental strengh

  • beauty and anti aging

  • better health and charisma

  • well-being and happines
    on all levels of your life


"Welcome in the NEW testing age"

"Welcome in the NEW balancing age"

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QueX-medical device

Das ultimative high end energy balancing system
The analysis device QueX is a certified medical device, which measures the energetic frequencies of our body through a computer program and records and evaluates this vibrations of the organism.

To measure the frequencies in the body the QueX is connected through a headband with the skin electrodes. The device, which was developed by principles of quantum physics oscillates with the electrical signatures of thousands of textures, organs, nutrients, toxins and allergens and records, how the body reacts to this elements. The computerprogram detects a precise overview of the biological reactivity of the body and shows the needs, stress factors, damages and sensitivities.

On the computerscreen frequencies deviating from the norm are shown and the medical device corrects disharmonies. The therapist can adjust blockades and stress factors and support your body to get into self-regulation.

The session


The conversation with the client


The testing phase


The evaluation


Several individual balance therapies


The Quex technology: "it's for people who think further than the conventional medicine"

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